Our 8 Step Lesson Registration

Thank you for your interest in California Sound Music Academy music and voice lessons!
Here's a quick 8-Step outline of what you can expect in the lesson registration process:

  1. We capture information regarding the student interested in lessons. This is done by filling out the Lesson Information Inquiry Form  by calling us at 949-981-3372.

  2. We provide a follow up call or email to make sure any questions you may have are addressed and to provide guidance on teacher selection, availability, and the registration process.

  3. We match the most appropriate teacher with the student profile information you gave us including, age, experience level, type of interest, location within Orange County, In Home vs In Teacher Studio lesson, style of music, experience level of teacher, teaching methods, gender of teacher, language spoken by teacher if available, instrument, and schedule availability.

  4. *** It is important to note all of our teachers have had formal teaching degrees in Music such as Music Pedagogy, Music Performance, or equivalent training,  and formal interview process to meet our standards in teaching music****.

  5. We register the student for one introductory lesson so the parents and/or the student meet with the teacher to discuss teaching style, student goals, music interests, practice habits, lesson duration, music books and teaching method recommended and review general lesson policy and answer any outstanding questions.

  6. If parents and/or student decide there is a match, they will contact  lesson services to finalize registration and billing,  and set up recurring weekly lessons in a 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute time frame. This includes a copy of the lesson policy that addresses how lesson cancellation and changes are handled, medical emergency contact document, and overall responsibilities. Someone from our lesson services team will follow up with you after the lesson. We will capture credit card information and bill the first partial month on a prorated basis. Just like fitness memberships and movie subscriptions, we will establish recurring  billing to occur on the first of every month for a month of lessons and provide a copy of the receipt to you. This ensures the schedule reservation for the teacher and time selected.

  7. We will send out an email notification that includes the date, time, type and duration of the lesson, teacher name, and studio address if lesson is given at the teacher studio. We will also send out a reminder notification 1 day prior to the lesson.

  8. After the lesson, the teacher will update the lesson as completed in our system, and a notification will go out to you that includes a brief description of what was completed in the lesson, and an outline of homework assigned for next lesson to keep parents up to date on the lessons, and encourage children to practice the homework assigned.

We hope this provides some insight and help. We look forward to discussing our services, and answering any questions you may have regarding enrollment at California Sound Music Academy.

To inquire or register for lessons and services, click here    or call us at 949-981-3372
Have a Musical Day!
Music Lesson Services Team

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