About The Trombone

Ever since it’s appearance in the 15th century,(it was called a sackbut then, and was smaller than the current instrument), Trombone has played an important part in many different types of music. The name comes from Italian meaning “large trumpet”. Because of the slide, the Trombone is unique in the way it can literally slide from one note to the next. It covers more styles than just about any other instrument, from the most somber classical pieces to the most raucous Dixieland. A deeper, lower sound than many other instruments, whether in Orchestra or Jazz, the Trombone is a well established part of the band.

Purchase Price: $500-2,200.00 New
Rental Price: $20/month
How Loud Is It?: 85dbl.
Difficulty Level: 5
Can the Sound be Muted?: Yes
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Additional costs, What else you’ll need: Slide Oil, Instrument Stand, Mutes  
Scholarship Opportunities: Yes
Performing Opportunities: Orchestra, Jazz Groups, Dixieland Bands,Latin Music, Swing Bands, Military Bands, Marching Bands, Ska Music.

Pros: Less expensive instrument, easier to play than trumpet.
Cons: Need to make sure your arms  reach 7th position on the slide.

      -- George Shelby musicalinstrumentchoices.com

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