About the Acoustic Guitar

While the Acoustic Guitar has played the most beautiful classical music in the finest halls around the world, perhaps it is best known for being the instrument of choice at campfires everywhere. Probably the instrument that covers the most styles of music, you’ll be able to rock out one minute, and play Bach the next. Some patience will be required while your fingers adjust to pushing down on the strings. But once you get there, everyone will be inviting you to their campfire. Or music hall.

Purchase Price: $200.00-10,000.00 New
Rental Price: $10-50.00 per month
How Loud Is It?: 78 dbl
Difficulty Level: 7
Can the Sound be Muted?: No
Weight: 12 lbs. with case, 5 lbs. without
Additional costs, What else you’ll need: Replace strings. Guitar Strap, Capo (changes the key of the guitar), pics.
Scholarship Opportunities: Yes
Performing Opportunities: Jazz Groups, Rock Bands, Latin Music, Classical Music, Folk Music, around Campfires the world over.Television, Film, and Album recordings.

Pros: Travels well, sounds great, you can accompany anyone easily. Many different styles of music.
Cons: Fingers will hurt at first as you get used to pressing the strings.

      -- George Shelby musicalinstrumentchoices.com

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