Teacher Selection Process

At California Sound Music Academy we know having quality teachers are one of the keys to success for our students in learning music, developing technical skills, and meeting the goals outlined in the outset of their lessons. Here's a brief outline of the contracted teacher selection process and the the workflow system created.

  1. We screen contracted teacher candidates through our website, referrals from professional resources, and general contacts in the industry.

  2. We review resumes, background teaching experience and history, formal schooling and training, certifications, and general music interests.

  3. We establish formal interviews with selected screened candidates. We are searching for the combination of accomplished teachers as well as talented musicians, with bachelor's degree or above, or equivalent experience and at least 1 year formal teaching. We assess mutual goals, music interests, styles, formal teaching methods and other criteria.

  4. Assuming there is a match we establish a contractor relationship through a contract with a one year term. Our goal in this is to provide continuity of the relationship with the students. The contract is non-exclusive meaning the teachers are free to work elsewhere but must commit to at least 10 hrs a week of scheduling availability. Our terms dictate that you are free to terminate the contract, but cannot, directly or indirectly, solicit current or past students on the side, or in future efforts for a defined period of time, without significant monetary penalties.

  5. Assuming standards are met, we will register you into our scheduling, registration and billing  system, set up day and time availability, types of lessons (in Student Home, In-Studio), duration and other information. 

  6. We will collect profile information to be used on the website for prospective students to view.

  7. Through our business processes, we will match students with contracted teachers who have the same interests and have the best criteria fit: age and experience of student, instrument type, schedule availability, method preferences if identified, gender and or language preferences if student identifies, music styles, experience level of teacher, and location within Orange County.

  8. We schedule an initial free 1 hr lesson between prospective student and teacher. We have found that this assures greater long term success and relationships between student and teacher. As an example , you test drive the car before you buy it.  In this session the teacher discusses goals, music interests, lesson style, method recommendations, review lesson policy, practice habits, and answer any other questions for students or parents.

  9. We follow up with student and establish the formal lesson program, register them and schedule them with the teacher.

  10. We pay teacher contractors twice a month, and for the first month , California Sound takes a smaller revenue portion for the first month to offset time teacher took for introductory lesson.

  11. Once lessons are established, teacher will provide lesson update and homework assignments in the scheduling system. This information is sent out through email communication to the student/parent to provide status upon lesson completion, and help parents encourage students to assure they are practicing their homework.

We hope this provides a good general overview for prospective teacher contractors.

We look forward to working together to share the "Gift of Music"




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