Can I start a lesson if I dont own an instrument?

In order for lessons to start, you must have access to an instrument for the lessons, as well as for regular practice. We have relationships with trusted instrument providers in the Orange County area that can either rent or sell you an instrument. We can put you in touch with them at your request. They can help with proper fit and selection for age level, size, and level of quality.

There are many outlets on-line that may be utilized to purchase used instruments as well.

What is the experience level of your teachers?

Our teachers have formal training and or professional degrees in Music Pedagogy, or Music Performance.
Our selection process includes a rigorous formal interview  focused on teacher's ability and knowledge around sight reading, music theory, technical skill, ability to related to students, and passion for music and teaching.

Each teacher is required to go through a formal performance to assess musicianship.

We understand the  student/teacher relationship match is critical to creating the optimal environment for learning for each student and place significant effort and emphasis on teacher selection.

What instruments do you teach?

We teach a wide variety of instruments with the most popular being piano and guitar. 

We are continually expanding our music lesson selection as we expand the depth and breadth of experienced teachers across Orange County.

    for a current list of instruments we teach.

What age and technical levels do you teach?

We teach individual private lessons starting from Age 4 through Adult.

We match students with teachers who are the best fit based on age, instrument type, location, and competency level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

We offer Mommy/Daddy and me group lessons for ages 0 to 3 yrs old in selected areas of Orange County.

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Do you offer in home lessons?

Yes. At California Sound Music Academy, we offer lessons in the home of the student. Lesson offerings are in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute intervals depending on age, maturity level, and competency of the student.

It is recommended that lessons are scheduled for a minimum of once a week to reinforce learning, and develop strong practice behaviors.

How do I pay for lessons?

For convenience of students and teachers, we bill monthly in advance for student lessons.

Through the registration process, we will capture the appropriate information and set up a monthly lesson fee bill that is sent to the email address on file. Payment can be made via check or set paid through bill pay process from your checking account.


What classes do you offer?

We offer individual private lessons in the home or at one of our selected studios nearest you. Lessons are also available through Skype.

Through The Music Teachers Association of California we also provide the "Certificate of Music", a curriculum offered to enhance the development of each student.

We provide a recital program where each student has an opportunity to perform in a public  setting in front of an audience. Recital's are scheduled throughout the year.

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