In Home Private Lessons

For the hustle and bustle of life, saving time, and offering a reprieve from Southern California traffic,we provide In Home Private Lessons.

Our highly skilled teachers provide the same nurturing and caring environment for music lessons in the comfort of your home.  As part of a thorough interviewing process, we will match teachers who live in closest proximity to you who fit the needs of the student such as (instrument, age and gender, competency level, and where possible, native spoken language.


 We offer lesson programs in the following time durations:

  • 30 minute sessions 1 x week
  • 45 minute sessions 1 x week
  • 60 minute sessions 1 x week

The lesson duration is your choice. Through an introductory lesson, teacher/student
chemistry and fit will be assessed and you will have the opportunity to discuss the
lesson duration considering factors such as age, competency level, and maturity of
student. During this time the teacher will discuss the following:                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Music books from which lessons are taught           
  • The basic components (sight-reading, ear training, technique, rhythm, theory)
  • Optimum practice habits and expectations
  • Communication of learning and student progress
  • Policies for cancellations and make-up lessons
  • Address any questions you may have


 ****It is assumed that each student has their own
instrument or has access to an instrument for
lesson and practice purposes****




To inquire or register for lessons and services, click here    or call at 949-981-3372.


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